When God Speaks 07/12/09

When we talk about people listening to God and God talking to people, many people think this is something very mystical, like it’s something unusual or extraordinary that God talks to people.  But the fact is, He does it all the time.  A number of years ago there was a Time magazine that came out with a headline that said, “God is dead”.  The next day the reporters lined up at Billy Graham’s home and said, “Is God dead, Dr. Graham?” He said “Are you kidding? I just talked to Him.”

Any of us can talk to God and God wants to talk to you.  The Bible says that God wired you up in order to talk to you, that He created you with the ability to tune into Him, to hear Him, to listen to Him, and to talk back to Him.  It’s nothing unusual. All of us can do it.

When God Speaks (How God Speaks)

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