Church is meant to be more than a spectator sport. It is not about showing up on Sunday morning, enduring the service, tossing a buck into the offering basket, and heading out the door with a sigh of relief that we have done our duty. It is about being part of a family where people are living out authentic relationships with God, helping each other grow, and sharing our faith with those far from God. This happens best when we connect, grow, and serve.


Connecting is all about relationships… with God and one another. We connect with God through reading His Word, learning about Him, growing in our obedience to Him, and having an ongoing conversation with him through prayer. We connect with each other through time together and talking about the important things in our lives. These connections are made, and grow stronger, as you attend weekend services, participate in a Next Step class and serve on a team. We experience the best of life when we connect with God and with each other.


At Ovation, we believe it’s OK to not be OK, but it’s not OK to stay that way. Our relationship with God is not a destination, it’s a journey. We must continually be moving further and deeper into who God has created us to be. That’s why in addition to Sunday services, we offer Connect Groups (small groups that meet in homes) and OC Studies (topical class studies) to help us to continue to grow.


Everyone has something they can use to help others. When we leverage our time and resources to serve other, we begin to make an impact that can last for eternity. The most fulfilling and significant life we can live is one where we contribute rather than consume. That’s why we encourage serving locally during our weekend services, around our community, and even globally through our mission work in the country Albania. When life is about ourselves, we are never satisfied. But if we would turn our focus outward and use the gifts and talents God gave us to serve others, we would discover the greatest fulfillment possible.